Took a while to get this one off the ground as shots like these are not planned and unfortunately the few times that they occur most are not photographed. And at present we only have two examples. We will add to these as opportunities occur. Please email any that you have that would be appropriate for this page.    
    23 Oct 07 - Friendly darts night at New Cowboy Bar Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok.

In a game of 501 Kenny had a sure bet of a third dart in the single five foiled when it hit the flight of a dart in the board causing an acrobatical spin and finally landing supported by the two shafts of the darts in the board. Better luck next time Kenny and keep throwing those 15s !

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14 Oct 07 - Harry's Bar Twosome Competition at Harry's Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 33 Bangkok.

Surprising everyone and shocking himself Jayke discovered how well he actually shoots playing early in the day and sober. He came as close as you could to a 180 but stuffed them a bit too tight and Robin Hooded his third dart. Like Haley's Comet it will likely be another hundred years before Jayke is out early and sober again for his chance at a 180.

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    23 Aug 07 - 1st Cowboy Lady Playoff at the New Cowboy Bar Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok.

Warm ups started with Oi tossing an outer green bull and then second darting it with a Robin Hood placement onto the first dart. Six darts later she threw a 180.

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