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Map Darts Bars Venes Map Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 22 to 33
Standing between Washington Square and Queens Park Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 22 you are a short five-minute walk to 21 darts bars and venues. Can't beat them odds anywhere!
Darts Map, Sukhumvit Soi 22
The above map is to scale and was sketch traced from a Google Earth satellite image. The area of Sukhumvit Rd on the map from upper left to lower right at the end of Prom Prong BTS (skytrain) Station is 799.38 meters or a half mile. From the point where exit Prom Prong Station and are standing ground level (red dot) up Sukhumvit RD to the Dubliner (red dot) is 342.63 meters or 0.21 miles. Same starting point to the corner of Sukhumvit an Soi 22 (red dot) is 511.02 meters or 0.32 miles. Same starting point to the corner of Sukhumvit an Soi 20 (red dot) is 673.31 meters or 0.42 miles. From the corner of Sukhumvit Rd and Soi 22 (red dot) down Soi 22 to the Regency Park Hotel is 173.92 meters or 0.11 miles. From the corner of Sukhumvit Rd and Soi 22 (red dot) down Soi 22 to the New Cowboy Bar (red dot) is 535.31 meters or 0.33 miles - the dart bar furthest down Soi 22.
The clickable thumbnail on the right is a Google Earth satellite image of the above map area with all dart bars and landmarks annotated. If you use Google Earth and would like to view the area - here are two starting points coordinates. Copy and paste into Google Earth's Search "Fly To" to zoom in on the point (see photo). Dubliner at the Sukhumvit entrance of Washington Square - 13°43'57.05"N 100°33'59.04"E - OR Regency Park Hotel on Soi 22 next to Queen's Park Plaza and across from the Soi 22 entrance to Washington Square 13°43'55.08"N 100°33'53.91"E  
New to the area? The two above starting point's coordinates are helpful. If you're staying anywhere near to the BTS Skytrain or MRT Underground (Subway) which intersects with the BTS. These will get you to where you want to go and avoid Bangkok's nightmare gridlock traffic. Prom Prong BTS Station is the closest station to these dart bar destinations for this mode of travel. If traveling by taxi the best reference points are the Regency Park Hotel or the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel - both on Sukhumvit Soi 22. Be advised that Washington Square and Queen's Park Plaza are not known to all taxi drivers. However the Regency Park Hotel is known to most and any taxi not knowing where the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel is should most definitely be avoided. This is one of the major convention hotels in Bangkok and any taxi driver not knowing how to get here will most likely take you for a ride in more than one way!
What to look for at ground level - starting from Sukhumvit Road. As you face the Dubliner the Sukhumvit Road entrance to Washington Square is to the left and with not only its frontage but entire side visible
  (coming from Prom Prong) it makes it easy to spot. From here you can see the large well lit frontage of The Sportsman. The Sportsman is the largest darts venue in Bangkok - large covered outdoor area as you enter - inside a large dinning area and 10 or 12 large Brunswick pool tables and more large screen TVs than you can count. But most important - their darts area. Two boards with the throw area sectioned off by a surrounding bar which makes a great place to watch the action and also keeps non players out of the throw area. This is said to be the best darts throw in Bangkok. The Sportsman is the clubhouse bar of the BIDL (Bangkok International Darts League) - a league sponsor and host for BIDL end of season parties. Looking left before you enter The Sportsman you can see the lights of the The
Silver Dollar Bar. Heading in this direction you will pass by all the dart bars in Washington Square before you exit onto Soi 22. The Silver Dollar - one of the longest established bars in town and remains a popular hangout - no doubt because of their bevy of babes great food and friendly atmosphere. With two dart boards the Silver has had darts teams in

Bangkok leagues for over twenty five years. Silver Dollar in-house darts pro - Ned - is always up for a game and welcomes new players on his teams.


Continuing around the Square you will next see the Texas Lone Star - next door The Wild Country and next door Cat's Meow.


Turn right and you'll see the large frontage of Bourbon St. famous for its Cajun Cuisine. Bourbon St. has two boards and is looking for players to field a team.


Continuing on is the 52 Bar. Maybe one of the newer bars on the Square but run by Miss Jar who is a long time darts competitor who

  has gathered a team of familiar players. Continuing on is Square One the last dart bar in the Square before coming on to Soi 22.
Following the bars as numbered turn right on Soi 22 and walking up 80 meters you'll see Larry's Dive on the left. Their dart board is on the second floor Larry's Loft. Manager Jai is a keen player and looking to field a Larry's team in the future. Continuing on look left and you'll see the entrance to a quiet cul-de-sac and you can see D'Pelican Inn's sign in the back left. In addition to their league teams D'Pelican Inn runs the quarterly Woman's Knockout - one of the best attended darts events - women in serious competition with the men responsible for drinking beer and cheering on their favorite gal. D'Pelican Inn is also the clubhouse bar of the LSDL (Lower Sukhumvit Darts League) - a league sponsor and host for LSDL end of season parties. Their darts operation is run by in-house pro and former Pilipino Darts Grand Master - Matt. Continuing down Soi 22 - turn left at Sukhumvit Rd. and
  you'll see a 7/11 walk down Sukhumvit a bit until you come to another 7/11 on the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 20. Turn in Soi 20 and The Sport Corner is the first place on the left after the
7/11. It's a large setup with a covered open air bar - a garden outdoor table area and the inside section where their darts throw is located. Although no one's actually seen owner Tim ever throw a dart - he's a great supporter of our sport always showing up for away matches and supporting his up and coming

teams. Following the bars as numbered - going down Soi 22 from Sukhumvit - pass the Regency Park Hotel across the street from the Washington Square entrance - pass Queen's Park Plaza on the right - pass the large Queen's Park Hotel on the left and you will first come to Aloha Bar on the left and just a bit further down New Cowboy Bar on the right.


The Aloha Bar is a relative new comer to the darts scene but it's caught on like wildfire and Miss Charinee and her lovely staff have all become formidable players and are always up for a game. If you're a guy that thinks he can't lose a game of darts to beautiful


Thai women - stop in Aloha Bar and find out differently.Charinee's support of the leagues and all darts events makes her place a popular place with our darts community.


Last but certainly not least is Queen's Park Plaza. This small plaza packed with bars has eight dart bars and its own enlarged area on the map. Really not necessary though - find the plaza and that's easy with their easy to spot large arch sign.


If you miss a bar on your first walk around -you'll find it on your second pass a few minutes later.


Queen's Park Plaza bars support many league teams - Corner Bar is the score sheet turn in point for Tuesday's LSDL and Thursday's BIDL leagues.


Mash Bar and Moonshine Bar are sponsors of the new Friday BMDL (Bangkok Mickey Mouse League) with Moonshine holding the end of season party.


Flaming Moe's and Moonshine Pub hold a monthly Knock-out Tournament on alternating months - these include trophies, free food and draw prizes.

  Hideaway Pub and Mash Bar organize darts pub crawls where the lowest darts score wins and you can buy extra points back by downing drinks - Not a darts competition for the light-weight drinker!  
As mentioned in our disclaimer at the bottom of the DT darts bar list page - we don't rate listed darts bars.
  However on this page I have included photos and made mention of the more active darts bars in this area. Our great sport of darts continues to grow in popularity due in no small part to the extra effort put forth by our  
most valued host darts bars! - - Johnny - - Thanks for Reading. More Darts Photos
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